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    January 24, 2023

    Cave of the Mounds is proud to be a charter member of the Travel Green Wisconsin certification program which encourages businesses to adopt sustainable practices in order to reduce their environmental footprint. The sustainability and conservation efforts through Travel Green Wisconsin are focused on select key areas of education, community, energy efficiency, transportation, waste reduction, and water conservation.


    This sustainable travel makes sure the Cave of the Mounds' natural beauty is preserved to be experienced again and again. The pledge is made year after year. Each year businesses pledge to prioritize environmental sustainability.


    Cave of the Mounds has reduced plastic by a large rate by selling mainly canned beverages over the last couple of years. Their reusable water bottle for sale is the same price as a regular bottle of water making the option to reduce waste an affordable option. Although canned water is hard to come by, the Concessions Supervisor, Kris Rugland, has found a way to slowly transition to recycle-friendly aluminum cans of water this summer of 2023.


    There are many ways to become more sustainable and Cave of the Mounds challenges itself each year. Recycling has become a staple in day-to-day life. Educational signage about how to reduce waste is found throughout the property. Receipts are offered but not mandatory cutting down on paper waste. Many of the staff ride their bikes or carpool to work reducing the number of transportation emissions. Perhaps one day Cave of the Mounds could delve into solar possibilities on the cave grounds.


    “We are always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious.” said Tate Phillip, Communications Manager at Cave of the Mounds,  “When I started here, I had a supervisor who was passionate about finding ways to be more sustainable. That passion spread and grew. Now every chance we get, we try to come up with more ways to reduce our environmental footprint. And that’s what we want to do. We want to lead by example. We want to show people that there are many ways to become a more sustainable business. That’s why we join the many other Wisconsin businesses that take this pledge.”


    Travel Green businesses make the conscious choice to reduce their environmental footprint. Many around Wisconsin have taken the pledge to commit to doing their part in becoming more sustainable and leading the way in sustainable travel. When purchasing at a local green business, you are investing in a sustainable future in the community.

    Tate Phillp, Social Media Coordinator & Marketing Associate
    tate@caveofthemounds.com, (608) 215-1837