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  • Pediatric Feeding Therapy Provides Feeding and Speech Therapy for Families in the Mount Horeb Area

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    April 22, 2022
    Pediatric Feeding Therapy, a new business in downtown Mount Horeb, provides specialized feeding therapy to help babies and children overcome feeding challenges. Whether the end goal is helping babies learn to drink from a bottle, transitioning infants to table foods, helping children to eat different types of food, or transitioning off of tube feeding, owner Kelly Lonergan, a speech-language pathologist with 15 years’ experience, aims to help families in Mount Horeb and the greater Madison area.

    Most parents don’t know that 1 in 5 children struggle with eating at some point before the age of 7 years old and that only half of them grow out of it without help. These struggles increase significantly if a child has certain medical or developmental conditions. Kelly works with children with varying needs and medical diagnoses. Her focus is not only on the child, but on the caregivers and family members, as well as, providing techniques and strategies they can use at home to make mealtimes more productive and less challenging.

    Every child is unique, and Kelly’s advanced training allows her to see the big picture and to understand how different parts of a child’s body, environment, medical history and current conditions impact their ability to eat and drink. “I decided to open a private practice so I could focus exclusively on my passion,” Kelly explains. “The families that come to me are usually stressed out and exhausted from trying to help their baby or child eat or drink and feel helpless because nothing they’ve tried seems to work; so it’s really exciting to see them achieve success at home using the strategies they’ve learned during therapy.”

    Pediatric Feeding Therapy joined the Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce and is looking forward to getting more connected within the community in order to help those who are struggling. “What an incredible service to have right on our Main Street,” says Rachel LaCasse-Ford, Executive Director of the Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce. “There are so many families in Mount Horeb and the surrounding communities that can benefit from what Pediatric Feeding Therapy has to offer, and we are thrilled to help them reach those in our community who will benefit most.”

    About Pediatric Feeding Therapy
    Pediatric Feeding Therapy provides specialized feeding therapy for babies and children. Services provided include feeding therapy and speech therapy. Both in-office and virtual therapy is available. Learn more at pediatricfeedingwi.com. Pediatric Feeding Therapy is located at 200 W Main St., Suite #102, Mount Horeb, WI 53572.
    Kelly Lonergan, Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist
    kelly@pediatricfeedingwi.com, (608) 218-5631