• MHTC Participates in Mount Horeb High School’s Youth Apprenticeship Program.

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    May 05, 2023
    MHTC is very excited to announce they will be participating in Mount Horeb High School’s Youth Apprenticeship Program. The program combines school-based and work-based learning for juniors and seniors. As a youth apprentice, students will earn an hourly wage, train with professionals in the field, and earn credits for high school. Cora Gorman, a current Junior at MHHS will join MHTC’s Marketing Department, starting in June.

    MHTC’s CEO, John Van Ooyen along with Sr. Manager of Marketing and Sales, Melissa Lease recently met with Cora, her mother, Lynette and Jodie Baber, Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator to discuss the program. “Knowing her career goals, we all agree that this is going to be a perfect opportunity for both MHTC and Cora,” said Melissa Lease. “The requirements she will need to complete for the YA program, align perfectly with MHTC’s Marketing goals and we are thrilled to welcome Cora to the MHTC team and Marketing Department.”

    Cora plans to attend college and receive a bachelor’s degree in marketing. “I’m very excited to join MHTC’s marketing team. I am most excited about developing professional skills that will impact my marketing career,” stated Cora. “After I graduate Mount Horeb High School, I plan to continue my education and receive a bachelor’s degree in marketing. It is my dream to use my degree in a sports-marketing setting one day.”

    The Youth Apprenticeship Program provides a pathway and tools necessary to fulfill each student’s personal plan. Cora will have a list of requirements that include a job guide and checklist of duties that MHTC and Cora will complete. Jodie recognized that MHTC and Cora would make a good team and shared a MHHS teacher stated "Cora is an organized student who builds effective relationships with people. She actively listens to others and helps them achieve their goals while doing what it takes to achieve her own."

    MHTC looks forward to this partnership. It will be the perfect way for Cora to experience great leadership and teamwork as we work together in supporting both Cora’s and MHTC’s mission, vision, and values.
    Melissa Lease, Sr. Manager Marketing/Sales
    melissa.lease@mhtcinc.com, 437-5551 / 437-7911 (Melissa)