• Cave of the Mounds Promotes Tate Phillip to Assistant General Manager

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    January 03, 2024


    Cave of the Mounds has recently promoted their Communication Manager, Tate Phillip, to Assistant General Manager. They are delighted with the positivity and professionalism Tate brings to work.


    Tate has worked at Cave of the Mounds for almost 6 years. She started as a tour guide back in 2018. Over the years, she has given programs during school season, successfully taken on social media platforms, and has excelled at every project she has taken on. 


    One of her co-workers has called her the “Juggling Genius”. This was in reference to all the work she does and the success of her projects. Since 2020, she has rebuilt the Cave of the Mounds website, created audio tours, redesigned local ads, and revamped the events department. She brought back Blacklight Tours which have become a popular event.


    “One of my supervisors when I first started working at Cave of the Mounds used to say that this job is the best job IN EARTH,” Tate said, “She wasn’t joking. I enjoy working at Cave of the Mounds and I’ve had many different jobs but this one feels like the right fit. I look forward to being a bigger part of Cave of the Mounds and a part of the community.


    Before coming to Cave of the Mounds, Tate was a Social Media Consultant for a few small businesses, an event coordinator for a kitchen store, and in her early 20s, she worked in the film & television industry in New York and Florida. All those experiences have guided her to Blue Mounds, Wisconsin to work at a cave.


    When asked about how it feels to work at Cave of the Mounds, Tate said, “It feels like a childhood dream. Like a Goonie Adventure or a journey to Fraggle Rock. When giving tours, I started to have questions. This led me to learn so much about the area's history and geology.  There’s so much variety in a job here. It’s hard to sit still. I have done so many jobs here that my leadership comes from the understanding of each department. I started from the bottom and now I have a career.” 


    Earlier this year, Tate published a book on the history of Cave of the Mounds. The book contains many pictures and quotes from people throughout the cave’s history. It’s sold many copies this last year and is available for purchase online and in-store.


    Tate looks forward to the challenges and changes that come with this promotion. Cave of the Mounds was discovered in 1939 but re-discovered daily by many guests from all over the world. She will be involved with some of the projects that are going on over at Cave of the Mounds. Events are coming back. Solar Panels are installed. And so much more!


    “I found a place where I can grow and learn. I am proud to work at Cave of the Mounds. It’s an incredible place that I didn’t know I would love so much. Knowing the history, there have been many incredible people who have worked here and I hope to be one of them.” said Tate Phillip, Assistant General Manager.


    About Cave of the Mounds

    Discovered in 1939, Cave of the Mounds (A National Natural Landmark) is open year-round for daily tours. Fun for all ages, the Cave also offers beautiful grounds for exploring, a visitor’s centers and rock/gift shop, a Gemstone and Fossil Mine, Geode Cracking, a Picnic Area and more. Cave of the Mounds is located just 20 minutes west of Madison, off U.S. Highways 18/151. www.caveofthemounds.com. Phone 608/437-3038.

    Tate Phillp, Assistant General Manager
    tate@caveofthemounds.com, (608) 215-1837