• ALG Vacations Appoints Mount Horeb Travel Agent to 2024 Advisory Board

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    February 05, 2024

    ALG Vacations® Appoints Mount Horeb Travel Agent to 2024 Advisory Board

    February 5, 2024

    ALG Vacations® (ALGV), a prominent figure in leisure travel, proudly announces the selection of Joseph Fehlen, Owner of Small Town Wanderer Travel, to serve on its esteemed 2024 Advisory Board for Independent Contractors. Joseph emerges as one of the fourteen travel advisors chosen from a pool of over one hundred highly qualified applicants.

    ALG Vacations encompasses leading brands such as Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations, Travel Impressions, Southwest Vacations®, Blue Sky Tours, and United Vacations®. These brands collectively send millions of travelers annually to vacation destinations worldwide, solidifying ALGV's position as the nation's leader in leisure travel.

    The ALGV Advisory Board is committed to fostering collaboration between travel advisors and ALG Vacations®' leadership to enhance their collective businesses and deliver unparalleled vacation experiences. Comprising travel agency independent contractors, the board represents the wider travel advisor community. Together with ALG Vacations leadership, they collaborate on policy development and strategic decisions impacting their joint businesses and mutual clients.

    Established in 2020 amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ALGV Advisory Board has proven to be an invaluable resource for ALG Vacations. Jacki Marks, ALGV’s Global Head of Trade Brands, emphasized its significance, stating, "As our primary source of distribution, we have always heavily relied on the input of the travel advisor community. The board consists of a diverse group of travel advisors with various backgrounds and specialties, providing invaluable perspectives and insights."

    The newly appointed ALGV advisory board, including Joseph Fehlen, will serve a 12-month term starting this February. They will engage with ALG Vacations leadership regularly throughout the year to address crucial topics affecting the leisure travel industry.

    In addition to his role on the advisory board, Joseph Fehlen, owner of Small Town Wanderer Travel, brings five years of expertise to the industry. Recently relocating from Rhinelander, WI, to Mount Horeb, WI, Small Town Wanderer Travel specializes in premium and luxury all-inclusive cruises, tours, and resorts for couples, families, and groups. Joseph is dedicated to providing stress-free and exceptional travel experiences, having personally experienced over 80 all-inclusive resorts and logged 86 cruise nights in the past four years. His commitment to staying informed ensures that Small Town Wanderer Travel remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving travel landscape.

    For more information on Small Town Wanderer Travel and its premium travel services, please visit www.smalltownwanderer.com or contact Joseph directly at joseph@smalltownwanderer.com

    About ALG Vacations®:

    ALG Vacations®, part of the Hyatt family (www.hyatt.com), is a collection of powerful and growing vacation brands widely recognized for providing the industry’s leading leisure travel experience across the world.  

    ALG Vacations is a member of the USTOA $1 Million Traveler's Assistance Program. With more than three million passengers annually, ALG Vacations features well-established vacation brands including Apple Vacations®, Funjet Vacations®, Travel Impressions®, Southwest Vacations®, Blue Sky Tours®, and United Vacations®. 

    Joseph Fehlen, Owner Agent
    joseph@smalltownwanderer.com, (715) 490-2337