• Child Care in Mount Horeb

  • The Mount Horeb area is facing a critical child care shortage, and we are actively seeking area residents who are intersted in starting an in-home child care business. There are resouces to help you determine if this would be a good fit for you, and there are people who want to help you get started! Join the Mount Horeb Child Care Initiative - it takes a village to solve this shortage, and with your help, we can make a difference!

    Why is this important? The lack of attainable child care impacts the community in a number of ways. Prospective residents who would like to move into the community may choose not to do so if they cannot find child care. This impacts our school district enrollment and it prevents quality workers from bringing their talents into our community. Businesses may struggle to meet workforce needs and attract and retain quality talent if child care is not readily available. New businesses may look elsewhere if child care is not accessible for their workforce. Not to mention, residents who cannot find local care may have to drive out of the community and may have to place their children at different providers, putting unneccessary stresses on their daily routine. 

    Want to lean more? Email us at info@trollway.com or call (608) 437-5914 and we will get you connected with resources right away!

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  • You can find a full list of regulated child care providers in Mount Horeb and surrounding areas by visiting ChildCareFinder.Wisconsin.Gov.


    You can also reach out to 4-C, an organization that helps connect families to child care providers.