• How Members Can Take Advantage of Large Tourism Events

    Scandihoovian Winter Festival is coming up on February 10-12, 2023, and we are inviting our members to get involved! There are several ways you can take advantage of our large tourism events:

    1. Download the Event Media Kit. Share posts and stories on your social media channels, use the suggested hashtags and tag lines, and make sure to tag us! You can find media kits for all our events here.
    2. Sponsor an Event. This gets your business name out there in front of a large audience. You'll get mentioned in many ways, including lots of exposure through social media. 
    3. Upload an Event to the Community Calendar. On our tourism website, Trollway.com, through email marketing, and through social media, we are pushing visitors to our Community Calendar to see what other events are going on in town during our major tourism events. Are you hosting live music? Inviting an artist to your shop? Having live demonstrations on your lawn? Add those to the community calendar! Events live on the community calendar and they get pushed out to our Facebook page. We will also share them in our Facebook event. :BONUS TIP: Create an event on Facebook and add Mount Horeb, WI AND Mount Horeb Chamber as co-hosts!
    4. Upload a Hot Deal. Are you having a special sale during an event? Offering BOGO on certain items? Just like events, we push visitors from our tourism website, emails, and social media, to the Hot Deals page on our website. Your hot deal will live on that page, it will be attached to your directory listing, and they get pushed out to our Facebook page. We will also share these on our Facebook event. 
    5. Tag Us. If you post something that you want us to share, tag us @mounthorebchamber on instagram and Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook. We will share you content!
    Not sure how to upload your event or hot deal? Here is a video showing you how to do just that. 


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