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  • 7+ Must-make COVID Content Changes for Improved Engagement

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    Our lives and our businesses have changed a lot during the time of COVID. We have changed how we reach customers and likely how they buy from us. Some of us have had to shut down.
    During this time, your website should be one of your strongest sales tools. Just as your business has changed, your content should have evolved as well.
    Are you doing these things to help remain viable in these challenging times?


    #1. Increase online services

    What can you offer online? There are still many people who are reluctant to go to businesses. What can you offer them? Can you sell your products online? Offer easy online ordering and delivery? Host tutorials or skill improvement sessions?
    A local resale shop photographed all of their new furniture and added it to their Facebook page without a formal online store. They used posts and comments to drive interest and took orders over the phone. They also offered free delivery in certain areas with a minimum spend. This way, they could stay open when many businesses in their category were forced to close.

    #2. Start writing a blog

    It’s time to connect with your audience on a deeper level. A blog allows you to post things that your customers will find helpful. It also makes it easier to identify with you, which helps people feel connected, like you, and want to buy from you.

    #3. Be more human in what you share

    Many business owners feel strange sharing things that are not business related. But they’re missing an opportunity. Customers want to feel connected. When COVID caused many businesses to shut their doors to the public, there was a strong push to buy from local people to help keep these businesses open.
    When you tell your story, people connect to it and want to help. Your blog is a good start but don’t forget social media, articles, comments, emails, and other digital content. Be more personable in what you share. People don’t connect with formality.

    #4. Use video

    Your customers want to see a face. Video is a good way to do this. Do livestreaming, video blogs, and videos to reach your audience and allow your message to resonate. Show off your personality and don’t worry about what you look like on camera. Be yourself. Show your workspace. Let people in on how your life has changed. That’s what people want to see.

    #5. Host contests

    People are trying to rid themselves of the mundane and there are only so many Zoom calls one can attend. Contests get people excited and put them in a good mood, improving moral. Everyone feels like there is a chance they could be the winner and some people need that very badly right now.

    #6. Create a challenge

    People are home with a lot of time on their hands. Many people are looking for professional and personal improvement opportunities. Entice people to sign up for a challenge you are offering. It benefits them and can help you grow your email list.

    #7. Give things away

    If you have things you’re no longer using in your business, you can make them available for free. Since you likely have limited availability, consider creating a flash offer. These are perfect for social media. Entice people to follow you knowing that you could give things away at a moment’s notice. This will grow your follower count quickly because it will be the only way they hear about the promotion. Flash giveaways create excitement around your page. Encourage people to mark your page as a favorite so they don’t miss these lightening giveaways.
    BONUS: Keep your content as up-to-date as possible. Never leave old information up. Your website appears abandoned when you do this. Change dates, information, and business services and protocols as often as is necessary to keep up. People should understand exactly how your business is operating with a quick glance to your website. Anything less will make them wonder about you.
    If you want more customers to connect with you, you need to concentrate on content. Websites as electronic brochures are no longer working to get attention. You want dynamic content full of value and embracing the types of topics and emotions people can relate to.
    Christina R. Metcalf (formerly Green) is a marketer who enjoys using the power of story and refuses to believe meaningful copy can be written by bots. She helps chamber and small business professionals find the right words when they don’t have the time or interest to do so. 
    Christina hates exclamation points and loves road trips. Say hi on Twitter or reach out on Facebook.
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